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Is it time to update your website?

There are numerous benefits to the new style websites - These are also essential to your users & Google!

- Becoming device friendly, both essential to your users & to Google. Meaning your website is user friendly to every desktop, tablet, mobile and everything in between! Expanding your customer base by making access easy and also boosting your Google ranking as this update is considered crucial by Google.

- Your website will be more than 4 times faster than it is now. Although your website may have been considered fast all those years ago, it is nothing compared to the current speeds for the new style websites!
Your old website speed will be detrimental to keeping customers on your website. You will also lose ranking on Google for slow load times.

Unfortunately it's a bit like having a computer or mobile phone. The technology does become aged, slow and out of fashion. It needs to be replaced (updated) every so often.

- New website styles look great, they're a huge representation of your business as just about everyone looking for services or goods are looking first on line to either purchase or find you!


$849 for full upgrade, including 10 PAGES.
Call for quote for more pages, because sometimes simple pages, I won't even charge you for.
Payment plans are also available!

Store upgrade now only additional $130! $600 (converting from standard website to catalogue / e Commerce website, to either showcase your products or sell online)
See examples here

Reply and I'll give you a call!

Talk to you soon :)

Kind Regards
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