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The internet is a forever changing thing, unfortnuately due to this, your website may be out of date!

Due to world wide data breaches, illegally or ill obtained information and non-private communications when viewing websites, web sites must be compliant to new security updates to ensure your customers are protected. This especially applies to any business selling online!

Having an older or non compliant website may result in being unable to accept online payments, not being recommended/ranked on google or being refused by a computers security.

This is however a prime opportunity to start utilising your web presence more and creating more business from your site.

We do have excellent offers for you and all the while making your website compliant, we have the opportunity to make your website fabulous!

Along with becoming secure, you will receive an entirely new website, a great boost to your Google ranking for being compliant AND responsive, your website will be friendly across ALL devices and your website will look great!

Kind Regards
Hayley & The Complete Web Team

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