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Important information about new ransom ware and how to protect yourself and your business.

This is just a note to let our customers know there is new ransom ware seeping it's way into Australia. It's particularly nasty - not only encrypting your files for ransom but it can also infect a sector of the hard drive and they can essentially kill your computer remotely.

Our initial advice is that if infected, you shouldn't give any money to the attackers - there is no guarantee that the decryption passwords will work to get your files back.

Another nasty aspect of these new viruses is they don't necessarily need to be activated or opened from websites or email attachments. They can infect your computer without you knowing.

To keep yourself safe:

Make sure your computer is up-to-date, whenever windows asks permission to update your system, it is advised to do so as they will be distributing updates with security patches for these new viruses.

Keep your security software up-to-date!

Do backups to external hard drives when and if you can. If you lose all of your files at least you have a semi-recent copy of your files. It is advised you do not keep your hard drive plugged in at all times. Just in process of using it and backing up.

Use secure passwords, this includes log in passwords, bank passwords, email passwords etc.
Try not to use the same password for everything, this will allow attackers access to everything if they manage to acquire a single password.

While these new sophisticated viruses do not need the process of opening email attachments or links to infect your computer, it is still advised that you are vigilant about what you open or click on within emails. Many virus emails will look normal, examples of common ones are Auspost emails, Origin Energy emails, Fake Domain Renewals, Asic Business Renewal, Paypal and a more recent one is fake invoices powered by "MYOB" generally with a subject line like this example: "Invoice INV-P0012 from DOMINION FINANCE PTY LTD" .

It is always best to look at the email address it has come from, if ever unsure, contact the company directly by finding their real phone number online to confirm it is a genuine email.

Feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your computers current state.

Kind Regards
Hayley & The Complete Web Team

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